21st Century Christian Gnosticism w/ Shawn Garan

The Rev. Shawn Garan is an Associate Pastor in the mainline, mainstream, United Church of Christ denomination, and he’s lately been studying a series of Gnostic texts with his community. Shawn comes on Talk Gnosis to talk about this exciting project, what he and his community have learned from the texts, how the mysticism and teachings of the Gnostics are relevant for those outside of the “Gnosticism” lable, some reflections on psychoanalysis and gnosis (he’s currently studying in the field) and more!

2 thoughts on “21st Century Christian Gnosticism w/ Shawn Garan

  1. Rev. Shawn Garan really brings these texts alive again in his preaching. I have been really inspired by his sermons published on Spotify! Great to learn more about Shawn. Thanks for making this interview!

  2. I really Glad to plug in out scissors, for when the person who plugged in has a thought we would not enjoy &or accept.

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